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A Little Nudge “online” from CIAML

It is 1am in Singapore.

As usual, I was maximizing my time after work (even if I “work” for free, it is still considered work right?) reading and surfing… before I turn in around 2.  I aim for a solid 4 hour sleep minimum each day so that I wake up fresh, or at least with enough energy to start the day with a smile.  It is a daily pre-requisite.

…  then I typed “”, and I was redirected to … I clicked on “Listen To What Our Students Have To Say”  …  I guess I was just taking a mental break and was surfing aimlessly.

I saw my face … Gasp!  A picture I took with Mr LeNotre when I was in level 1, apparently it was a privilege for foreign students.  I guess it was a bonus for us since we flew into Houston from wherever we came from to attend classes and live in Houston ~ a sure sign of committment and faith … I remembered it was the day before Singapore National Day.  That is the pix was taken on 8 August 2008.

 Then I read the words … I remembered those were the words I wrote to Mr LeNotre before I left for Singapore.  It was a timely reminder I read it now, it was a little nudge for me to be focus, a reason to keep to the vision I set … amongst the distractions in my daily life and the tired mind at the end of each day.

I Read… (My Note to Mr LeNotre)

Dearest Chef, Dearest Sir,  

I want you to know I enjoyed myself at the Culinary Institute leNotre. The past 20 weeks have come and gone. I am gonna miss you, miss the Chefs I have come to know, miss the niceness I have been generously showered with. All these I am taking home to Singapore, They are not just memories but inspirations to my life, and like you said “…inspired by people who were inspired by people who were inspired by people…”, and I will in turn inspire others at the right time, one day.

You have touched my life, really!

Thank you

Wishing you good health, good luck, good life & every goodness you deserve! 

December 1st, 2008

(Joycelyn Sim, Singapore)


” … I will in turn inspire others at the right time, one day.”

I read the line again and again … in my little ways each day, I share positively with the young ones (coz more than 90% of the pastry team is younger than me) without sounding too unrealistic and appearing too optmistic, I make it a habit to smile and share my joyous self and it comes naturally each day (and it is certainly well practised)…

But this line reminded me I want to make an impact to other people’s lives, a massive impact to be exact.  Now it is a Big Dream … at least I have to keep working on the BIG Dream… put in the thoughts and action steps, perservere, purposefully work on it, believe in it … and keep my vision alive, …

So that I inch forward toward The Right Time, One Day.