Working My Brain Inside-out

It has been so long since I stepped into my journal world … too long in fact, the last post was in April … now it seems I have to get used to the wordpress format all over again. 

This post is spontaneous, I just typed my blog name … not really knew the purpose, and I got in and I clicked on “new post”.  So what’s up?

Do you work?  Where are you working?  …  I got asked so many times in the last 6 months, I lost count, and now few asked again.  And I like it this way.  I knew some are genuine concerns and I will surely update these people personally without being asked.  The others?  Probers, perhaps … some friends just had time to dig information and I am not longer sure if they really care how I am doing, and I gave them answers that probably bored them that they realised I was not going to share anything in depth with them that would be newsworthy.  Many no longer contact me coz we are not in the same grapevine, perhaps.

Tai-Tai? …  Some friends used terms on me which irritated me a little, because they are my friends.  Just because I don’t work for a salary or employed, I was referred to as “Tai-Tai” or “woman of leisure”.  Few can accept I let go a good package in the pharmaceutical industry to pursue something they never thought I would, and in most cases we became friends in the same industry.  I could not provide them with any concrete ideas they could imagine and expect me to be, so some effectively thought I do nothing.  Ha.  These words from them were not malicious, just ignorance of truly what I am pursuing, despite me sharing my personal goals and dreams.  Different wavelength just because I choose not to be a salaried corporate employee, and we are not on the same corporate path.  But I know some of these friends do care for me.

My family life?  …  I am also working on starting a family.  It is no simple task, partly because the reproductive system is not at its peak.  But we believe it is in God’s will and plan that he will provide for me, for us, for our family.

My business?  …  literally, ha, it is my business indeed.  I am indeed working on a plan to start something , however small the steps are, but just start.  Recently BK said to me a phrase he read somewhere, do not remember the exact words, something to the effect – as long as we don’t stop dreaming and working on it, continue to move no matter how small the steps.  He spoke to me at a time when my mind was filled with hesitance, fear, self-doubt, and yet roaring to create our dream.  I finalised on the name and registered my business, met up and confirmed the vendor to create my website, pressured and adrenalised (I don’t think there is this word but the meaning is exactly what I need) into working the business plan and the “products”.  I enjoy every moment from the dream to the search, research and continuously researching … to the plan, and I aim towards realising it.

Perserverance?   …   I must continuous despite of fear.  Or I will never do anything great.  I believe.  I do.  I be.

When my business is realised, this will be where I shall first update.

This note felt so much like a psychological assurance to myself, but really it put down my full commitment to getting It done, getting  It right!

Keep in touch  …  with the people who care for me, with myself who got to just do it, do it.

ps:  Recently on radio, I overheard the DJ sharing some words on Life – we do not hope to win, or think we can win, but Expect To!  Cheers


6 responses to “Working My Brain Inside-out

  1. First time to e-mail you.
    My name is Kazuhiko YAMADA, Japanese, 49 years old, home town is Akshi city (next to Kobe).
    I came across your home page when I searched “Singapore food in Houston”.
    I stayed in Singapore from 1992 to 1999 and from 2003 to 2007 with my family, and stay in Houston from 2007 to work for the company in Singapore.

    My wife and I miss Singapore very much, but started enjoying life in Texas after my wife moved from Singapre to Texas in May this year.

    You seem very busy to fulfill your vision.
    I hope your dream will come true.


  2. Yamada-san, konnichi-wa!

    It is really nice to hear from you. I miss Houston, was there from last day of June to Dec last year. I met a group of great people there. There is a Malaysian-Singaporean Association of Houston (MSAH) which organise activities, one of which I participated was Hawker Food (or the food you will be familiar with in Singapore). Also check out the 2 restuarants I commented: They are House of Bowl (more Asian food) in Bellaire and Nonya Grill (opened by a Singaporean) which is slightly out of the way buy worth the drive. These are the 2 places I loved going to for nice home-cooked food. Oh there is a Singapore Cafe along Belleaire (I believe the add is 12345 Bellaire… Initially I thought it was a joke!), the chicken rice tasted authentic!

    My vision in life was only set in Jan 2007. Before that and till June 2008, I worked in pharmaceutical industry and was always busy. That gave me good grounding for planning and marketing. But my husband and I decided that we were to plan long term especially we are planning to start a family.

    Thank you for your kind words. I am working on it.

    I wish you enjoy Houston with your wife. When we pause in our steps, we get to appreciate wonderful things that evolve around us. I went for bus rides in Houston, and gotto know place and be comfotable among its people. Good luck!

    Oh check out this bakery cafe along Chimney Rocks, you can google French Riviera Bakery Cafe ~ my fav place to go with good friends – try the baguette with fried eggs with yolk still intact. Simple and delicious.

    Enjoy Houston. And if you come by Singapore, let me know.



  3. Thank you for your prompt reply and guidance.
    I miss Hawker food a lot!
    We have ever lived in Clementi, West coast crescent and River valley.
    We enjoyed Hawker center and local market.

    My wife loves Nonya food, thanks, I will find the place you recommended. And if I find new places, I will let you know.

    Last year I took SIA from Houston to Singapore via Moscow twice! Singapore is my second home.
    The company I worked for in Singapore belongs to Pharma sector, manufacturing intermediates of Pharmaceuticals. Several former subordinates are working in Pharmaceutical companies. I can understand the life in Pharmaceutical company in Singapore.

    My two sons are studying in University in Japan.
    I hope they set their vision in life and make effort like you are doing now.

    Do you make Moon cake?

    Zhu Ni Zhongqiu jie kuaile!



  4. Hi Yamada-san

    Wow you like mooncakes too? In fact my next post will be it. Yes, I just made some (first time) a few days ago, and left to oil after bake for last 3 days before I packed them for my parents, in laws, sis’s family and uncle’s family. Only traditional skin this time. Snow skin and yam flaky skin next … did you and your Mrs try these?

    Btw, my hubby and I have been visiting different parts of Japan each year since 2000, except last year when I was in Houston.

    Enjoy Houston. Keep in touch. Please send my HOTTEST regards to your wife from hot & humid Singapore. I guess it is hot and humid right now in Houston too ~ I found the summer in Houston similar to home.


  5. Joys!
    Yes it’s been so long since you last posted an update i have kind of “given up” clicking onto this website , thinking that it has been declared “dormant”. This posting is great…especially for someone like me who can’t quite meet up with you as much as i would like to due to “physical” barriers (the distance!). i have been viewing your pictures (on FB) with much interest. Continue to do what you love 🙂

    • Hey Missshu, I am surprised to receive your message here. Yeah, I update as and when I feel like it, coz this platform is like my little journal, a place to share my inner thoughts and feeling. Let’s continue to pursue our dreams and inch forward every new day. To you and a beautiful life in Sydney, Cheers! Joys

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