Status Update: Aug 2010

Since the beginning of my culinary journey in Houston in 2008, I have been back in Singapore for a while.  I have decided to continue my sharing in my new blog on bits of My Journey of Taste, Exploration, and Love of Celebration!

Other than my precious time with family, I love the solitude of testing & tasting my creations in my cozy Home Kitchen, and sharing my love for home-made goodness with baking & cake decor enthusiasts in my boutique Home Studio Workshops, and stealing time off to continue my lifelong learning journey in Taste & Exploration.

To Your Tasty Moments



2 responses to “Status Update: Aug 2010

  1. Hi Joy, I stumbled across your blog while I was google Houston Kemah boardwalk. I am a Singaporean, living in Houston for 2 years +.

    I would like to know if you are still in Houston as I saw the Happy National Day page.

    If you are still in Houston, it would be wonderful if we can meet up. Let me know.

    Magdalene Ong

  2. Hi Magdalene, been back since end 2008. There is a MSHA where you can meet up with Singaporeans and Malaysians. Do you join their activities? Only attended one street food fes. While I was there, I got to know a couple of Singaporeans, when one guy googled and found my blog.

    What do you do in Houston? It is great there yah!
    Take good care, and enjoy every bit!

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